Is your busy family ready for a busy summer?

I have been writing things into the summer calendar over the last few months–possible sports camps, our vacation, other out-of-town trips, but today I decided that I couldn’t live another day without seeing the big picture of our busy family summer. So I created a one-page word document that you are welcome to use to get the big picture on your busy summer. My kids’ schools get out a bit earlier than other places in the country, but you can easily adapt the days to match your kids’ school schedule.

So, click here for the word version: Summer 2013 or view a pdf version here: Summer 2013

Seeing the big picture has made me realize we need to find ways to simplify our plans. It may be painful in the short-term, but long-term we will be a more sane family. Summer should be for rejuvenation, right?

Happy planning!  Kate

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Kate Varness is a Certified Professional Organizer specializing in Chronic Disorganization.