Square pegs don’t fit in round holes and traditional organizing methods often don’t match creativity. That’s why you are here, right? You have tried and tried, but not found good solutions. Are you curious about:

  • How to manage time without losing your creativity
  • How your learning style affects where you put your belongings
  • How to make space for your hobbies and interests in your home and schedule

If you are ready for a new approach, then call Kate and get on the path to discover unconventional organizing strategies that work for your unique personality and multiple interests.

Busy Family?

Whether you have one child or seven, whether you are a single mom or a two parent family, Green Light Organizing and Coaching is your resource to streamline your bustling home.

  • Mail and kid’s school stuff
  • Bedrooms, seasonal clothing and hand-me-downs
  • Laundry
  • Shoes, Coats, and Book bags
  • Toy areas
  • Kitchens (the heart of most homes)
  • Time management and much more…

Kate works with many families affected by AD/HD, helping them set up manageable organizing systems and build habits and skills to use those systems.

Want to Maximize Your Space?

If you are tired of dealing with too much stuff in too little space, we can work together to make the most of your home.

  • Efficient kitchens
  • Closets that make clothing storage and retrieval easy
  • Peaceful bedrooms
  • Home office and paper management
  • Craft/Hobby area you long for
  • Accessible basements and attics
  • Garages with clearly defined uses
  • Keys/coats/bags at your fingertips

We’ll help you create a plan unique for your space and then work together to make it happen. Turn your chaos into order!

How the Process Works

Kate works with great variety of clients, from those who need specialized help with AD/HD to those who need a re-energized space. If you are ready to get organized consider these options:

First Step: Phone Consultation

This conversation is free of charge and will clarify your needs and how Kate might assist you: call 309.251.2646.

Option 1 – Get Ready to GLO

Let’s get started right away–together! Side by side we sort your items, figure out where they belong, containerize, label, and whatever else needs to be done. As we work, you will receive encouragement and support for those tough decisions, as well as learn techniques for staying organized. This is the best option for most people because they need the motivation and accountability to follow through on what they have been intending to do for a long time. Getting organized seems like it would be a pretty easy process, but for many it is quite complex. That’s why having support is so important. Pricing is based on an hourly rate. Call for details.

Option 2 – Customized Do-It-Yourself Plan

You choose three areas (for example: kitchen, mail area, laundry room) that need a plan. Kate will visit your home for 1.5 hours to look, listen, and ask questions. She’ll give you verbal suggestions during the assessment and then write up a step-by-step plan with product recommendations for you to do on your own. $150.