Q?Are you going to yell at me like they do on those TV shows?

Nope. TV shows are more exciting when there’s a short deadline, but that’s not how I organize with my clients. We are looking for long-lasting solutions. To get them, the person who owns the stuff needs to make the decisions and practice (or learn) new ways to interact with their belongings.

Q?Are you going to prolong the organizing process to make more money?

No. My aim is to make the process as cost-efficient as possible. That means I will assign “homework” for you to do between sessions (but only if you want it), look for ways to use those free family members (as long as they don’t criticize the client), and┬árepurpose the furniture or containers that you already have (if we can make it work). I want you to get where you want to be as fast and sanely as we can get there.